Acustrap Motion Sickness Relief Strap

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Product description


 • Acupressure travel sickness bands

 • 100% safe & natural

 • Works on Nei-Kuan point

 • Anti-drowsy treatment

 • 2 Per pack

Put an end to travel sickness with these fully adjustable, anti-sickness bands. Discreet yet effective, they work by applying acupressure on the Nei-Kuan point between the two central tendons near the wrist. Suitable for adults and children alike, these sickness bands are a 100% safe and natural alternative to sleep inducing anti-sickness tablets.

Material Nylon, Plastic
Instructions file 900_Instructions.pdf
Important Safe for children, See instructions for full details
Product Size Open (mm) W 30
Product Size Open (mm) H 255
Product Size Open (mm) D 12
Product Weight (g) 4
Product Size Closed (mm) W 30 x H 87 x D 15