Cloud 9 Naturally Anxiety Buster Kit

Cloud 9 Naturally Anxiety Buster Kit

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Product description

Reduce stress and anxiety

Based on scientifically researched essential oils and their effects on brain activity, this oil blend is for stress, anxiety, and trauma. This blend contains wild crafted lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary, tea tree, peppermint, fir, and naioli. Recommended before exams and job interviews, in hospitals to calm patients, and other high-anxiety situations. Comes with 5mL MS & GC tested Anxiety Buster essential oil blend 15mL Himalayan Sea Salt, 1 aluminum and glass personal inhaler.

How it works:

  1. Disassemble inhaler
  2. Add Himalayan Salts to glass inner
  3. Pour a few drops of essential oil onto salts
  4. Reassemble inhaler
  5. Breathe deeply
  6. Add more drops when scent dissipates or replace with fresh salt and try a different essential oil or blend.