Gourmet du Village Pulled Pork Seasoning

Gourmet du Village Pulled Pork Seasoning

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Product description

Pulled Pork Seasoning

Slow cooked pork shoulder rubbed with our seasoning blend then served with our Beer BBQ Sauce. Served in a burger bun or sliders with fries.

Spices, salt, garlic, turbinado sugar (sugar, molasses), onion

Prepared in Canada

Makes 10 sandwiches or 20sliders

All you Need:
2.3 kg (5lbs) pork shoulder
1 pouch of Pulled Pork Seasoning
1 bottle (350ml/11.8oz) BBQ Sauce
10 burger or 20 slider buns

All you do:
Generously rub pork with pouch of seasoning. Cover and refrigerate for 12-24hrs. Cook uncovered in roasting pan for 4 hours at 300F (150C), cover and continue cooking for an additional 1.5 hrs., until tender and flakes apart. Remove from oven, let rest covered for 15-20 minutes. Using tongs or a fork, “Pull” the pork into shreds and place in a bowl, discarding the fat and bone. Moisten the pork while still hot with 1 cup (250ml/8oz) BBQ sauce. Serve the heated meat on a fresh bun with extra BBQ sauce on the side, coleslaw and a pickle.