Inner Beauty Restorative Powder

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Product description

INNER BEAUTY is a powerhouse beauty blend that combines the gut-health benefits of pre/probiotics with powerful antioxidant-rich and adaptogenic super berries, all working together to restore your gut-to-skin connection, protect your skin against oxidative damage and inflammation, and support your stressed-out skin from within.

While INNER BEAUTY focus is on restoring the health + beauty of your skin, its comprehensive all-in-one formula makes this natural beauty tonic an especially essential part of your daily skincare routine.

Naturally flavoured with pomegranate.


Improve gut-health and digestion

Restore your gut-to-skin connection

Protect your skin against oxidative damage and inflammation

Transform your skin by restoring balance and enhancing resiliency

Regenerate healthy skin cells helping you age much more gracefully

Nourish your beauty from within for happy, healthy, beautiful skin

Support your overall health and well being

This powerhouse beauty blend combines the gut-health benefits of pre/probiotics with powerful antioxidant-rich and adaptogenic super berries to support skin health.

Naturally flavoured with pomegranate.

Do you have persistent,unexplained skin issues?

You could be experiencing gut-related imbalances from a leaky gut. Everyday stressors such as coffee, alcohol, sugar, and stress can all lead to a disrupted gut flora that shows up on your skin.


Pomegranate seeds are not only used extensively in the holistic science of Ayurveda to support overall health, but also contain an abundance of antioxidants and polyphenols that calm inflammation, reduce cellular damage, and rejuvenate skin.

Gut-to-Skin Connection

The inner bark of the slippery elm tree coats the digestive tract that helps reducing bloating and reduce gastrointestinal inflammation. It is also a prebiotic that supports digestive health by feeding the beneficial bacteria found within our AuraFloraSkin probiotic blend.

Xanthones for Skin Inflammation

Mangosteen contains a rich supply of antioxidants and nutrients as well as a unique class of antioxidant compounds known as xanthones that reduce inflammation throughout the entire body. Natural antibacterial properties and antimicrobial compounds also soothe many common skin issues, like acne and dermititis.

Adaptogen & Beauty Tonic

A unique adaptogen that is not a mushroom or a root, schisandra is powerful berry that increases resistance to stress by restoring hormonal balance, enhancing resiliency and completely transforming skin.

Vitamin C Superberry

Camu camu is a powerful antioxidant that is rich in Vitamin C supports the health of your skin by stimulating collagen production, calming inflammation, and promoting cellular regeneration.