Travel Hair Brush in Recycled Plastic

Travel Hair Brush in Recycled Plastic

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Product description

Mini Travel Brush For Easy Styling On-The-Go

WHAT: The Kitsch Mini Travel Brush is the perfect hair tool to throw in your purse or pack in your suitcase for elevated hair care on-the-go.

HOW: The dual bristle combo of soft Tampico & flexible nylon gently detangles your hair while also maintaining frizz & flyaways.

WHY: Great finishing tool for polishing your look & boosting shine. Benefits: -Gently smooths natural hair texture -Helps to evenly distribute natural hair oils -Mini sized for on-the-go travel -No-slip coating for ultimate grip

Composition: Brush Handle: PLA environmentally friendly corn starch fibers Cushion: Natural rubber (biodegradable) Bristles: Recycled nylon natural Tampico fibers Product Information: 1” wide brush handle 2.5” wide cushion 7” long