Blingo Weekender- Black

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Product description

Cottage weekends.Wine-country getaways.Trips to the beach.

Whenever you travel with jewelry, travel with the Blingo Weekender- perfect for storing all of the jewelry you need to make a statement everywhere you go.

With its matte black and rose gold design, the Blingo Weekender looks great and will keep your jewelry safe, secure and remarkably tangle free.

Blingo was founded by Julia Dawe. One day, while leaving the gym, Julia reached into her bag to grab the jewelry she’d tossed in before her workout, fully expecting to have to unravel it when she pulled it out. But on this occasion, her necklace had landed in the bristles of her hairbrush and, for once, her necklace didn’t tangle on itself. Julia had an epiphany. And shortly thereafter she had a baby. While on maternity leave, Julia started to develop a product based on the accidental discovery she’d made in her gym bag. Two years and five prototypes after that trip to the gym, Julia had a product in hand!