Fancy Pants - Orange, Pine Needle & Butterfly Pea Flower Infusion

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Product description

Ditch the sweatpants for one night, this drink deserves it.  This exotic blue drink is a spicy mix of oranges, pine needle & butterfly pea flowers with organic cane sugar.  It's a real head-turner with a natural bright blue hue.  

Fuse with gin, vodka, tequila or water 

How to make

Fill · Empty package into a jar & add 12oz (1.5 cups) of your favourite alcohol or water.

Fuse · Seal it up & refrigerate. Fuse for 3 days for maximum flavour. Or for an instant infusion microwave for 3 minutes (check every 30 seconds to not boil). Let cool.

Sip · Shake and strain ingredients. Pour 1.5oz shots and top with 3-4oz sparkling water and ice.