Sweet Jane 5g Deo Mini

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Product description

CONFIDENCE IN A MINI JAR. This little jar of wonder was created for your underarms, but its natural formula means you can put it on all your places. Your feet, between your thighs, nape of neck, and your underboobs are all great places to prevent/remedy unsavoury smells & get your signature scent amplified. SUGARED, WARM & ENDEARING. Vanilla, Rose, Cinnamon & Tonka. THE LIFE-CHANGING LEGEND, LOVED BY MILLIONS. Apply a dime-sized amount to each underarm, and any area of your external body that you'd like to smell nice. This is our CLASSIC formula, with reduced baking soda, making it gentle enough for most while eliminating odour and maintaining skin's healthy balance. MADE WILD IN THE WEST. Filled 2 km away from the routine HQ in reusable jars that are perfect for all your travel adventures. Each jar contains a 1-2 week supply of life-changing deodorant, so you can find your signature scent soulmate before committing to the full size jar. Tested on human friends, never animals.