Pet Carrier Pack: Small

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Product description

COMFORT, EASE, SECURITY: Our Personalized soft-sided Pet Carrier Pack offers an easy, secure and comfortable way to travel with your pet. It also features an included removable floor for easy cleaning, a light, and breathable mesh design, with reinforced waist straps to ensure the comfort of both you and your pet. 

AVAILABLE SIZE: 8.5” x  11.6” x  13.8” 

If you are flying with a different carrier please check their guidelines. 

Please note WestJet guidelines: 

Size restrictions (per kennel) beneath the seat
Your kennel is considered to be your personal item in your carry-on baggage allowance. You may need to adjust your kennel to fit within the maximum height and depth available beneath the seat. Please note, space beneath the seat varies by aircraft type.

41 cm L x 21.5 cm H x
25.4 cm W (16 in. L x 8.5 in. H x 10 in. W)